Reflections atop Mt. Washington: Do what you’re best at, and don’t stop

I’ve never experience anything like the resort that is Mt. Washington. Located on Vancouver Island, skiers and boarders are treated to some of the most stunning vistas ever. Yes, panoramic views of mountains are included, but the most stunning bonus is the Pacific Ocean in plain view. I never imagined I’d be snowboarding in spring-like conditions (for Alberta, anyway – at -2 C) while breathing in the delicious sea air. Umm… glorious! That’s about all I can say.

When the ocean wasn’t in view, other spectacular sights were. Like when the crew and I were tucked away in a mini-golf amphitheatre watching Meghann O’Brien and Leah Evans throw themselves off craggy cliffs into piles of powder.

There, director Chris asked me if seeing Meghann and Leah give’r like that made me wish I was doing the same; if seeing women excel in their sport like that inspired me to want the same. Good question, because it made me realize that, yeah, a small part of me looks at girls taking drops like that and think, “Maybe… maybe I could do that if I applied myself enough.”

But more than that, I think watching them made me think more along the lines of personal excellence in terms of doing what an individual is best in the world at. For Meghann and Leah, that’s snowboarding and skiing, respectively (and for Meghann, too, that includes artisan weaving – more on that later); for others, that’s any number of things. I really believe each person is gifted with talents and passions, and it’s up to the individual to pay attention to what those things are, and honour them by devoting ourselves entirely to excelling in that area.

So for me, that’s not snowboarding. But it is writing, and it also involves a tremendous amount of personal reflection as I work towards applying my passion externally. Translation: I plan on using my writing and people skills to make the world a better place. Cliché, yes. But true nonetheless, and I’m grateful for the reflection yesterday that came from watching two women kill it on a mountain.
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