do my english homework for me The life of a freelance journalist is a life of polarity: Some weeks feel slower than a scoreless hockey game, while others are fast as a downhill biker bolting down a mountainside. This week has felt like the latter, and tiring as it can be, it’s these fast-paced times that make the job feel like anything but work.

I’ve been plugging away on a particular story for a couple months now, and everything came rapidly to a head over the past couple weeks and especially days. Interviews happened, tons of ideas flooded my mind, and writing began – all while the deadline loomed.

Fortunately I work well under pressure, so despite a fleeting bout of self-doubt as to whether or not I’d be able to maintain my record of not missing a deadline (at least not since a very bad second year of my journalism degree — belated apologies to my profs and my Journal colleagues), I have honoured my commitment to my editor.

The deadline is tomorrow; two drafts to my editor were sent off today; still, I’ve been able to make the most of my week in Squamish filming with the underEXPOSED crew. And thank goodness for that, because I would have loathed missing out the fun this place has to offer.

From rock climbing and hiking to the first peak of Squamish’s iconic Chief to mountain biking, our days have been packed — and with more to come. Fly-fishing is something I’ve always admired, and tomorrow I get to try it for the first time. Kite boarding, on the other hand, is completely foreign to me, and we’re testing the waters there this week as well.

Definitely stay tuned for pictures and updates on how it all unfolds. For now, though, here’s a picture of a little trail-building that went down today – can’t wait to see how the picture Mason takes turns out.