The Island: We Cain, we saw, we conquered

Mount Cain has been amazing. Great weather, great conditions; a jaw-dropping view in every direction, and blue skies above the clouds as far as my eyes could see. Driving up from Woss this morning, I wasn’t convinced the day would be much of a success: It was a soggy, grey day. But a quick drive up the access road to Mount Cain revealed a transformation as magical as that of Dorothy waking up on the other side of the rainbow.

Shades of grey were quickly forgotten as we left the clouds beneath us, ascending the old logging road to the heaven that is Mount Cain.  I’m not just talking about the weather, either: The vibe there was warm and genuine, and the locals were always quick to welcome us to their volunteer-operated snow sanctuary.

I feel like I’m writing an advertorial for Mount Cain right now, but believe me when I say it was just that good. It’s not every day you find a resort that harkens back to what you imagine skiing used to be like. This place is stripped down to the bare necessities: two T-bars, an outhouse, a tent-friendly base (with a lodge for those quick enough to book well in advance), and a small chalet heated by a wood-burning stove at its centre. No egos, no attitude: Just a community of snow-loving folks doing what they love every weekend.

And the terrain. There really is something for everyone here. Backcountry skiing and riding is just a step out of bounds in every direction, but heaps of groomers and glades make riding in-bounds a great time, too.

All in all, between Mt. Washington and Mt. Cain, my first Island boarding experience has been unforgettable. Even coming from Alberta as I do, I feel pretty confident in saying I’ll be back to this heaven on earth.
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