Sheldon Pearson

Sheldon brings a wide range of experience to the underEXPOSED crew with a passion the action sports world. proessaywriting.org favorite holiday destination in is Silver Star Bike Park and he grew up in Prince George, the hometown of Kyle Norbraten from The Coastal Crew, as well as former national MTB downhill champion Tyler Morland – needless to say he enjoys riding.

After completing an internship at Shaw Media in Prince George, Sheldon made the move to Vancouver in 2007 to study Digital Film & Video at the Art Institute of Vancouver, eventually specializing in cinematography and editing. Graduating as one of the top students in his class, Sheldon went on to direct several award-winning short films, music videos, and documentaries. Among these was “Bike Trials: Regaining Balance”, a mountain biking piece which received “Best Documentary Short” at the Canada International Film Festival. It was also an AEGIS 2010 Award Winner, and received an “Award of Merit” in the Accolade Competition, in addition to being an official selection at various festivals worldwide in 2010.

Sheldon continues to take on projects as a freelance cameraman and editor specializing in action sports videography. Sheldon is also of Métis heritage, originally descended from the Cree of La Pas, Manitoba.