Watch underEXPOSED for an extreme look into the world of epic sports photos.

Season 2 Episode 1: Need Some Help

Mason knows if he is to step up his game as a photographer, he will need to bring on a mentor coach to challenge and push him to be better.  Mason calls up legendary action sport photographer Mark Gallup and engages his services.  First on Mark’s agenda: Mason needs an assistant.  Mason recruits Gracey Dove, and they embark on their first assignment to California to work with iconic skateboard photographer, Grant Brittain.


Season 2 Episode 2: High Flier

Mark Gallup assigns Mason and Gracey to shoot a photo essay on Freestyle Motocross FMX rider, Kris Garwasiuk in Kelowna, BC.  Gracey tries to earn her way and prove her worth by getting sponsors.


Season 2 Episode 3: Wind and Waves

Gallup continues to push Mason out of his comfort zone, and now mentors Mason and Gracey on a wave sports shoot in Punta San Carlos, Mexico.  Mason discovers that shooting pros launching themselves off the waves on kiteboards and windsurf boards is not as easy as it looks.


Season 2 Episode 4: Cash or Crash

One of the most challenging sports to shoot for photography is bobsledding.  Mason and Gracey follow Canadian National Team bobsledder pilot, Justin Kripps, on his quest for the podium.


Season 2 Episode 5: Dig

Mason and Gracey give back to the mountain bike community and shoot crowd funding photos for the Coast Gravity Park.


Season 2 Episode 6: Surf’s Pumping

Mason teams up with pro surfer Ben Murphy for a photo shoot at Wya Point in Ucluelet, British Columbia.  Gracey has some trouble along the way.


Season 2 Episode 7: Over My Head

One of the best ways to learn as a photographer is to see your photo through the eyes of a photo editor.  Gallup sets Mason up with the opportunity to work with Peter Moynes, Photo Editor from Kootenay Mountain Culture magazine, on a photo shoot at Selkirk Wilderness Skiing.  Gracey gets in way over her head.

Season 2 Episode 8: On Assignment

Destination BC commissions Mason to shoot a social media resort tour through British Columbia.  Gracey shreds for fun and hits the ice.


Season 2 Episode 9: Paying the Bills

Sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves and get creative with your photography ideas and projects to pay your bills.  Mason and Gracey experience the mid-winter work slowdown and have to get creative on projects.


Season 2 Episode 10: Snow Motos

Gallup suggests Mason and Gracey shoot something new and emerging, and they work with Reagan Sieg from Timbersled Snow Bikes on an epic backcountry photoshoot in the Monashee Mountains of British Columbia.


Season 2 Episode 11: On My Own

Gracey and Mason produce a photo story on the lifestyle of “dirtbags” (a.k.a. ski bums) at the annual Dirtbag Festival in Kimberley, BC.


Season 2 Episode 12: Lost in Cali

Gracey and Mason produce a photo story on the lifestyle of “dirtbags” (a.k.a. ski bums) at the annual Dirtbag Festival in Kimberley, BC.


Season 2 Episode 13: Dirtbags

Gracey and Mason produce a photo story on the lifestyle of “dirtbags” (a.k.a. ski bums) at the annual Dirtbag Festival in Kimberley, BC.


Season 1 Episode 1: Meeting Up

Meet Mason Mashon, an experienced adventure sports photographer and Tannis Baradziej, a seasoned writer new to documenting action sports. They team up for the first time to create a story on 4 time world surfing champion, Lisa Andersen, featured during the Roxy Champ Camp in Tofino, BC.


Season 1 Episode 2: The Coastal Crew

Mason and Tannis team up with Mason’s vibrant mountain bike filmmaking buddies, “The Coastal Crew” on BC’s Sunshine Coast for some riding action. Big opportunities present themselves at Mountain Life Magazine, but can Tannis lock it down?


Season 1 Episode 3: Old Meets New

Seasoned vet action sport photographer Mark Gallup takes on young pup Mason Mashon at stunning Island Lake Lodge Resort. Tannis is forced to take a time out.


Season 1 Episode 4: Sisters

Mason and Tannis meet up with two amazing sisters, Meghann and Spencer O’Brien – one a talent rider who retired from the pro world to pursue her love of Aboriginal weaving – the other, an X Games medalist on the fast track for the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games.


Season 1 Episode 5: Kookum

underEXPOSED’s own Jordan Demeulemeester gives Tannis the inside track on a highly successful program, the First Nations Snowboard Team and the whole gang experiences a moose hunt with Kookum.


Season 1 Episode 6: Surf Immersion

Mason and Tannis travel to the legendary Turtle Bay Resort on Oahu’s North Shore where Mason learns to shoot from one of the world’s best surf photographers, Brian Bielmann and rising star Robert Pascua. Tannis digs deeper into Polynesian history.


Season 1 Episode 7: Best in Show

Mason revisits the Whistler Ski and Snowboard Festival right in his own backyard – the event that launched his career as pro photogropher. Tannis meets an inspiring young local snowboarder.


Season 1 Episode 8: Learning the Ropes

Climbing is on the menu in world-class riding, climbing and fishing destination, Squamish, BC. Tensions also climb as Tannis has the jump on Mason in the climbing world. Mason uses his newfound skills to capture an epic high shot.


Season 1 Episode 9: Salmon Derby

In the beautiful Haida Gwaii, Mason and Tannis face-off in their very own fishing derby, meet talented local artists and discover everything the stunning island has to offer. Mason jumps in head first to capture underwater shorts.


Season 1 Episode 10: Wild Isle

West Coast Expeditions treats the crew to some unreal kayaking and Naked Bikes on Quadra Island brings new meaning to underEXPOSED.


Season 1 Episode 11: Big Lines

KC Deane is well known as a pro skier but it turns out he’s fearless on a bike too. Tannis is starting to question her ability to make it in the action sports world.


Season 1 Episode 12: Heating Up

Rising mercury is no deterrent for world class rider James Doerfling as he shows the underEXPOSED duo the highlights of Williams Lake. Caribou Chilcotin Jetboats might help to beat the heat.


Season 1 Episode 13: Separate Ways

A shuttle boat brings the crew to untouched riding areas of the Kamloops Lake, but Tannis envisions herself setting off on a different ship altogether.