Trip Report

Tannis shares her personal insight, fun facts and her very own snapshots as she and Mason travel into sweat lodges, frigid surf and snow-capped peaks, exploring local legends and meeting some amazing people along the way.

Of heat waves and bikerides

Happy Canada Day! It’s officially summer, and having worked the bulk of our underEXPOSED shoots in wet weather, wet is what I packed for. Apparently I failed to consider the blazing sun/summer factor in this shoot, so my lack of shorts and abundance of sweat will be apparent, I’m sure, when episode 111 airs next […]



how does cialis daily work canada phamacy no precidation needed. . Iai??i??m sitting in the back middle seat of the Underexposed-mobile right now, leaving Duncan and heading towards a ferry terminal. In the distance all around me is beautiful scenery, but sitting between Josh, Chris, Sheldon, and a sleeping Mogs, my more immediate surroundings include […]


Taking shape

So last night I lay down at about 7 for a little nap. It’s now 2 a.m., and while I’m ready to go back to sleep this instant, thought I’d do a little bloggy post. Yesterday, Mason, the crew and I spend time with Jaalen and Gwaii Edenshaw — two incredible carvers on Haida Gwaii […]


Squamish and fishing for stories

I love writing. It feels good to have a thought move from brain through body and out my fingertips, forming physical words on a screen or page. Visual manifestations of my experiences that I can then share with others, inspiring readers, perhaps, to get out there and experience something new or familiar or encounter something […]



The life of a freelance journalist is a life of polarity: Some weeks feel slower than a scoreless hockey game, while others are fast as a downhill biker bolting down a mountainside. This week has felt like the latter, and tiring as it can be, it’s these fast-paced times that make the job feel like […]


Hunt, sweat, pray: The cultural segment that changed my life

It’s been four days. Four. A sacred number to the people who showed me one of the most transformative experiences of my life only four days ago, so it’s appropriate that I now begin to process the profundity of the experience I shared with Mason Mashon, Meghann O’Brien, Jordan (Mogley) Demeulemeester, and my underEXPOSED colleagues […]


FNST: or, “Getting Jibby With it?”

Forgive the bad ’90s music reference in the title. I couldn’t resist. Mason and I spent the past couple days at Whistler-Blackcomb with the First Nations Snowboard Team. Actually, allow me to correct myself: Day 1 was a mixture of watching our crewmember, Jordan (aka Mogley), and FNST High Performance athletes throw themselves off massive […]


Coming up: First Nations Snowboard Team

Episode 104 is a wrap, and that means it’s on to our next adventure: Heading to Whistler and Powder King to hang with the First Nations Snowboard Team and ride some new terrain. I’ve never ridden Whistler before, and I don’t think I’ve been as far North as Chetwynd, where we’re headed early next week. […]


The Island: We Cain, we saw, we conquered

Mount Cain has been amazing. Great weather, great conditions; a jaw-dropping view in every direction, and blue skies above the clouds as far as my eyes could see. Driving up from Woss this morning, I wasn’t convinced the day would be much of a success: It was a soggy, grey day. But a quick drive […]


Reflections atop Mt. Washington: Do what you’re best at, and don’t stop

I’ve never experience anything like the resort that is Mt. Washington. Located on Vancouver Island, skiers and boarders are treated to some of the most stunning vistas ever. Yes, panoramic views of mountains are included, but the most stunning bonus is the Pacific Ocean in plain view. I never imagined I’d be snowboarding in spring-like […]